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Roxy and Zena It's always good to see you.
Roxy the brindle and Zena the black one.


Greyhounds as Companions
2nd Annual Bottle Drive

Saturday, August 23rd
Price Chopper
Altamont Ave, Rotterdam NY
10:00am til 3:00pm

Meet greyhounds available for adoption and learn why they are the perfect addition to your family.

Every bottle deposit helps these magnificent animals find there forever home.

Leroy Pick me!I'm from Spain!
I just got in from Scooby in Spain two weeks ago. Feeling much better now.

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A special thanks to Steve Caporizzo
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Special Thanks to Pet Connection
Eldorado me! Pick me!
Eldorado will be arriving in September 2014!  We have been waiting for this beautiful dog to come from Scooby, he now has an arrival date.  He is going to be adopted by Jerry and Jan.  He is good with other dogs and people.  Everything else we will learn about him when he arrives.  

Special Thanks to Pet Connection

Melissa me! Pick me!
Isn't she beautiful.  She is a galgo coming from Scooby in September 2014.  She will be adopted by Jerry and Jan.  We have waited a long time for her.  She is good with people and dogs. 

The Grapehound Wine Tour
2014 was a great success!

Thank you, Everyone!!!

Wine and greyhounds:
What's not to like?

ZenaPick me! Pick me!
Zena is NOT good with cats, but is a love bug. She needs an owner that will spend time with her, teaching her the basics. She is very smart, and learns quickly. She is very affectionate, looking for attention all the time. We are looking for a foster home, or forever home, that will give her the training she needs.  

RoxyPick me, too!
Roxy is NOT good with cats, but is absolutely perfect in every other way. She loves everyone, and is good with kids (over 8 years old) and larger dogs. She loves her toys. She was just spayed on July 28th, and will be ready to go into a new approved home in about two weeks. She rides well in a vehicle, walks well on leash, just about perfect! 


Special Thanks to Pet Connection

RegattaI found a Home!
I has a wonderful new home and I fit in here so great.  I am one happy girl.  Thanks to Mike.



NerissaI found a Home!
Four years old she is a very loveable girl.



RobbyI found a Home!
Brindle male, 5 years old in March 2014.  Quiet boy, loves to be
held and petted.  Rides well in a car, and is good on leash. 
He is a beautiful boy.


MojackI found a Home!
Mojack is a black 3 year old male. One of the nicest greyhounds we have ever had here. He walks great on leash, gets along well with other dogs, and loves to go out in the fenced yard. He has a rear toe injury that causes him to hold his leg up when he runs. He walks on the foot just fine. He is loveable and affectionate. Lived with a cat when he was fostered in Florida.
ChumleyI found a Home!
Two year old fawn male from Florida. Chumley is very sweet and a little shy. He is OK with cats, and other dogs. He rides well in a vehicle. He is good on leash, and is very easy to take care of. He would do best in a household with another dog for company.
KassieI found a Home!
Kassie, is a red female, born 11/05/10. She arrived Saturday, September 8/24/13. We took her to our clinic the next day, and she did awesome. She is good with other dogs, rides well in a vehicle and good on leash. Not sure about cats yet. She settled right in. She is just a baby. She last raced in July 2013. Kassie was the name of my old yellow lab, gone so many years now.


Winston -I found a Home!


Chloe -I found a Home!
Tractor Supply Company - June 23, 2013

Kansas-I found a Home!
Tractor Supply Company - June 23, 2013
4 years old; born 5/17/08. Kansas is a petite light brindle female. Very sweet and energetic, she is fine with other dogs, probably not cat safe. She loves attention, gives kisses. Kansas loves to play with toys, tries to get all the dogs to play with her. She is adorable.

San Tan Duffer - found a Home
Ernie -I found a Home!
A very large fawn male from Florida. Ernie is two years old, and quite a ham. He is suppose to be ok with cats. He goes out with all the dogs here. He walks well on leash, is good in a vehicle. He was skinny when he came, but has now gained all the weight he needs. He is ready to go to his forever home!
HannahI found a Home! Thanks Mary.
4 years old; born 4/20/08. Hannah is a gorgeous dark, almost black, brindle. Her coat shines like glass. She is a bit of a boss lady with females, so would do best with another male. Hannah loves toys and will play with anything she can get into her mouth. She is a very sweet girl!
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